Hair Weave Thread Removal Kit, The Fastest Weave Removal System

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Smart Thread Removal Kit: thread removal kit provides a damage free way to take-off hair extensions. Weave dissolving spray eliminates tugging hair roots or pulling hair strands that can cause traction alopecia, hair loss, bald spots or hair thinning
•Quick Weave Removal: weave removing spray saves time. Don’t waste time on cutting weaves, row by row or thread by thread. Hair extension remover quickly dissolves away the threads. Please use with VMax thread only that is part of the packaged contents
•Easy Weave Care: sewing thread is made of all-natural fiber that is gentle on your skin. Dissolving spray is paraben-free and made with natural ingredients like tea tree and lavender oil, making it good for overall hair-care
•DIY Weave Remover: hair weave thread removal kit comes with 60 yards of black thread and 8 ounces of natural dissolving solution. User manual with safety instructions and useful tips helps to operate easily. Perfect for DIY application